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Alexander H. Kremnitzer
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As many know I used to own and run a Guitar Effects pedal manufacturing company between 1999 through 2006 called ACEffects LLC and it quickly became the premier source for professional grade pedals. I set the standard that has yet to be met even today by many manufactures.

While I loved doing it, I'm the type who has to have oversioght in everything and after a whiel realized teh comaont had to grow but the vison I had for it could not be sustained so I closed up shop. Not to mention it was a 24-7 venture and consume every waking minute I had and life needs to have balance. We the design shop is still around and I can say its nice to have a world class manufacturing facility as my "playground" plus I still dabbled in regularly in new product development and design, just something I never see myslef stop doing.ACEffects still has a fiece and loyal following world wide, even to this day, it amazes me that I still have people contactig me by the dozens every month.

Another factor was my wife is working on her PHd and I had to become self insured when she started attending medical college full time, I was on her policy and then had to be teh one providing. I did not mind as she is a genius. The cost of self insurance was more than my 41,000 sq foot facility, whcih is truly sad and says something about the sad state of medical coverage in America and how it effects corporations. Although I did not do initially it for the money, it really was I have loved workingin electronics and by 16 had products I designed selling in local music stores. Just something about seeing what initially starts asa thought in one's head become through complete frutation to a competed product that I truly enjoy.

Where I work now I do a very diverse work skillset and my employer has me doing everything from design to project mamagement and mainly legal support and guidance to other engineers and project managers aboutthe rgulatory and complaince requirement fpr theor product categories. Kind of like when I ran my own business wheer I ha dto be everything from accountant to janitor, designer, engineer, customer support, run trade shows and all the legal aspects I am a jack of all trades altough design has always been my true love and passion.

I created this page as a way to archive the thousands of pages of projects, technical reports and some of theproduct design that until now has just been sitting in binders taking up several book cases in my place which I felt was a shame as it needs to be shared. So over the next few years I am digitizing all my work and shall be posting it here for others to see, athough you are hereby notified this is all copyrighted work of decades of my own labor and intended for reference only. No material is to be republished reposted or links to the work without my prior written consent. I beleiev in sharing and can be reached at

I am also currently in my junior year completing my BSEE, with my experience, the classes are very easy and I find a little ironic to have to do design small projects when I used to run my own company that sold over a million dollars in products where I was personally doing projects on a magnitude substantially greater in complexity. But my current position I was told requires an advanced degree. and they are paying for me to attend a private engineering university (MSOE) so I can' complain. Also I have realized that completing my degree will add credentials to my experience and there is things you learn in school that you don't learn on the job. Although I have yet to find a job that challenged me as running my own comoany did. I feel the grades come far to easy a;though I comit a lot of my time. I feel its a great opportunity and I shall be completing my BSEE with full honors in 2020.

Theis website is in its infancy as I just started it on 11/14/2015 so I appreciate your patience as it is under construction. Expect regular additions to occur over the next few weeks as I have aton of work I have done the last few decades, far too much to be able to put online.

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